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Bertram’s Story


“It has a power over you. No matter who you are or what walk of life, once it gets hold of you, it has you.”

Bertram managed restaurants for 20 years before drug addiction took everything away from him.

What started as recreational use – “fun and games” – turned into something he needed every day just to function. Before he knew it, he was introduced to cocaine, and that’s when his life began spiraling downward. He couldn’t find his way out, and he didn’t want to find his way out.

Before long, he was homeless, living on the streets, and the only thing he cared about was, “Where am I going to get my next fix?”

“I felt like my spirit was gone … like I was going to die.” That’s when someone told him about The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center. And that’s where Bertram found help.

“The Salvation Army gives people a new start at life,” he explains. “And the people that donate make that possible.”

“I was sent here for a reason. And I think that reason is to mentor and teach somebody else that’s going through what I’ve been through.”

Bertram now leads a clean and sober life. But as far as the future goes … “I’m going to let God do it … I’m just going to enjoy the ride.”

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