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Recycling Tours

Thrift Store and Warehouse Tours for School Age Children, College Students, and other groups.

Our School Tours are a HUGE success!

It’s fun an educational for kids to see the behind the scenes life cycle of a product. Our school tours reinforce an important concept: reusing, recycling and donating can really help the environment.

Join us on a Journey of Discovery

The journey is filled with interesting facts that help kids understand the process of recycling and reusing and ultimately learn the benefits of making thoughtful choices that can have a positive effect on the planet.

Our School Tours are

  • Done at our 7 San Diego County Family Stores on
  • Tuesdays | Wednesdays | Thursdays
  • Eligible to all Groups
  • Designed to raise awareness and understanding of their role in recycling
  • FUN & ENGAGING!  (each child will receive a small workbook with facts and puzzles, we watch several short videos and do a short creative activity with the group (something for them to take with them and remember the day).

For more information OR to schedule your School Tour today, please contact our Community Relations department:

     Carly Grier, Community Relations & Donations Manager
     Phone:         (619) 239-4037 ext. 315

Thanks for your interest.  We look forward to working with you!

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