Family Stores Doing the Most Good®


Earn points for activities you are probably already doing!

 Are you a Non-Profit or other Community Parnter, Business, Group, Church, or Organization?


(Watch the  Video below)

As a Customer or Donor, you’re part of The Salvation Army family and we’re making it easy for you to receive special loyalty offers, invitations to events that you choose to be a part of and of course, the $10 Gift Certificate as soon as you accumulate 300 points, to use or give away. 

If you can answer YES to ONE of the following questions, then we can't wait to work with you!

  1. Are you affiliated with a Non-Profit Group in San Diego who would like to become a Community Partner?
  2. Are you affiliated with a Company who would like to become a Community Partner?

Let’s be honest - It’s not just the weather that makes San Diego ‘America’s Finest City’.    As a Non-Profit or other Community Partner of ours, you are providing jobs, resources and much more.  This is our way of saying Thank-You for partnering with us to make a difference!


Here’s how it works:

  1. Register Online by CLICKING HERE OR Complete a short sign up form at any Family Store or Donation Site to get started.
  2. You’ll receive a Non-Profit / Community Partner card via email.
  3. Make copies and give them to your members, employees, volunteers, or other associates who will help you earn points that will quickly add up - teaming up, you’ll achieve more! 
  4. We NEVER sell or pass your private information to any third-party.  YOUR LOYALTY IS NOT FOR SALE.
  5. We’ve made earning points easy and fun.  From Donating Goods, to YELP Reviews, and lots of other activities (see complete list online)
  6. Once you accumulate 300 points, you’ll AUTOMATICALLY earn a $10 Gift Certificate to use at one of our 7 San Diego County Family Stores.  Use it yourself, or give away to someone of your choosing, no restrictions apply. Use it like you would cash.